Special Interest Groups

The board decided to offer working groups as part of the conference program in Trondheim for the first time. Working groups will allow NOFOD members to discuss and network around specific themes of interest. The working groups are:

  • Dance Pedagogy: convened by Eeva Anttila
  • Dance as Service – New Roles of Dancers and Dance Organisations in Society: convened by Kai Lehikoinen
  • Folk and popular dance research: convened by Petri Hoppu
  • History – Past and Present: convened by Hanna Järvinen and Lena Hammergren

The board wishes that these and other groups can be developed into special interest groups within NOFOD, so that they can function as networks of scholars in each field of interest. The board will design guidelines to how special interest groups can be established within NOFOD and how they can collaborate with the board for reaching their own goals.