Conference Program

The conference will start in the afternoon on Tuesday, April 23, and ends after lunch on Friday, April 26. The preliminary conference program here below. The final program will be available soon.

Detailed Program :

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Other Events

Performances :

TUESDAY 23.04.24 h 19:30

Digital Footprints


We all leave traces behind us – we want to leave traces, be remembered. Some traces are more concrete than others. The foot on the ground, a movement across an agora or across a stage surface. But what remains, what is left behind? Do the traces that the dancers form in space exist other than in our fading memory – the human archive?

In Digital Footprints, virtual traces are in focus – an interaction between body and electronics. Together with the composer and video artist Åke Parmerud, Gun Lund and her ensemble have developed a wearable interactive system for scenic use. The dancers are wearing wireless transmitters detecting spatial movements, speed and force. The connection between body and technology is subtle, but it is not at random; on the contrary a deliberately created pattern projected on the floor, unique digital footprints on stage.

Idea & choreography: Gun Lund

Music, projections and interactive technology: Åke Parmerud

Dance: Jonny Berg, Hannah Karlsson, Olof Persson

Scene and lighting design: Finn Pettersson

Producer: Lars Persson

The performance is supported by: Göteborgs kulturnämnd, Konstnärsnämnden,

Region Västra Götaland and Statens Kulturråd.

Gun Lund has been a choreographer since the 1970s. Artistically consistent, always searching for the ultimate site for the choreographic ideas whether it is a stage, an old factory, an abandoned hangar, or a rock by the sea. Dance pieces, installations, conceptual works and advanced projects connecting art, science and technology reflects her background and broad interest in practice and theory. She has a Master of Art & Technology from Chalmers University of Technology and Archival Studies, University of Gothenburg. She is artistic director of E=mc2 Dance Company and 3rd Floor Dance and ArtVenue.

Åke Parmerud: Composer, sound and software designer, video artist, photographer. International renowned artist and pioneer in the field of electro-acoustic music. Member of The Swedish Royal Academy of Music.

Jonny Berg: Cross-disciplinary performer and creator, Bachelor of Arts, University of Gothenburg  interested in the communication between dancer and spectator and the perception of physical actions on stage. Director of Dance Remainings, Gothenburg. Was rewarded the Gothenburg Dance Prize 2023

Hannah Karlsson: Dancer, choreographer educated at Ballet Academy Gothenburg. Member of SPINN Dance Company, E=mc2 Dance and Olof Persson Projects. Own dance works. Rewarded with the Adlerberth Art scholarship.

Olof Persson: Choreographer, dancer, visual artist. Dance studies at Performing Art School Gothenburg, sculpture at Örebro College of Art, video and new technology at Valand School of Fine Arts Gothenburg. Artistic director of Olof Persson Projects and 3rd Floor Dance and Art Venue, responsible for the programming. Rewarded by The City of Gothenburg and the Adlerberth Art scholarship.

WEDNESDAY 24.04.24 h 18:30


LOVE-DANS by Anne Grete Eriksen & Elizabeth Svarstad. Photo credits: Magnus Skrede

Love-dans is inspired by the Norwegian word lov, which means law. In the performance, baroque movements are subject to spatial reversion and playing with the book of Norwegian Laws. The dance shifts between private and public moods of expression and an exploration of our relationship to law, order, and chaos. The work changes between original eighteenth-century choreographies, newly composed movement sequences in the baroque style, and contemporary choreography performed to baroque music.

Choreography: Anne Grete Eriksen

Dance and choreography: Elizabeth Svarstad

Harpsichord: Gunnhild Tønder

Music by Rameau, Lully, Royer, and Händel

Eighteenth-century choreography by Pecour and Feuillet

Costume design: Magne Kristiansen and Anne B. Solli

Tailor: Magne Kristiansen

Costume adjustments: Kine Økland

Shoes: Eva Solberg

Photo: Nicolas Tourrenc and Magnus Skrede

Love-dans is supported by the Arts Council Norway and The City of Oslo.

Love-dans had its world premiere at the hayloft at Bogstad Manor, Oslo in 2013. The performance was a 20-minute commissioned work for the international conference The 18th Century in Practice hosted by the Norwegian Society for 18th Century Studies. Later, Love-dans was performed in Aarhus, Stockholm, and Eidsvold 1814 before it was revived as a full evening performance at Oslo ladegård in 2022. Thanks to Anne Marie Tronslin, The Faculty of Law Library, University of Oslo, Birgit Kydle, Riksrevisjonen/Office of the Auditor General of Norway, Liv Indregård, Oslo Tinghus/Oslo District Court, Borgarting Lagmannsrett, and Torill Johme, Advokatfirmaet Selmer, for donating books of Norwegian Laws.

Anne Grete Eriksen, professor in choreography at The Oslo National Academy of Arts. As a dancer and choreographer, she has created projects, choreographies, and staged work in dance, theatre, opera and film, and multi-disciplinary projects often associated with Dansdesign presented on National and International venues, festivals, and institutions.

Dr. Elizabeth Svarstad, dancer, choreographer, historian, and a specialist in Baroque dance. She studied baroque dance in France, England and the USA and is Norway’s foremost specialist in baroque dance and early dance. She has created and performed in dance performances, concerts, opera productions and solo performances in Norway and abroad.

Gunnhild Tønder, harpsichordist. She is performing throughout Scandinavia as a chamber musician and soloist and has worked with orhestras such as Orchestre Les Siecles, Oslo Philharmonic, TSO, Barokkanerne, Arctic Symphony, Norrlands Opera, Athelas Sinfonietta, Nordic Network for Early Opera, and Opera Australia.

THURSDAY 25.04.24 h 19.30 – 22:00

Book Launch and Minuet dancing

Nofod in collaboration with the Nordic association for folk dance research (Nff) invites you to an evening event on the occasion of launching the book The Nordic Minuet. Royal Fashion and Peasant Tradition. contributions from the eleven authors.

About the book

This major new anthology of the minuet in the Nordic countries comprehensively explores the dance as a historical, social and cultural phenomenon. As well as situating the minaret in different national and cultural contexts, this collection marshals a vast number of sources, including images and films, to analyze the changes in the dance across time and among different classes. Following the development of the minuet into dance revival and historical dance movements of the twentieth century, this rich compendium draws together a distinguished group of scholars to stimulate fresh evaluations and new perspectives on the minuet in history and practice. The Nordic Minuet: Royal Fashion and Peasant Tradition is essential reading for researchers, students and practitioners of dance; musicologists; and historical and folk dancers; it will be of interest to anybody who wants to learn more about this vibrant dance tradition.


1830 – 1930 Mingling
1930 – 2030 The author panel presents the book, including film examples and demonstrations. It will mostly be in English but with some translation to and from Nordic languages.
2030 – 2200 Dance evening, there will be some instruction of minuets from Finland and Denmark and time to dance them.

The event is open for conference participants and other guests and has no entrance fee. Drinks and refreshments will be available for purchase. You can pay with Vipps, but people without a Norwegian phone must have cash, we don’t take cards.