NOFOD collaborates with Senter for dansepraksis (Norway) to publish the Nordic Journal of Dance. Every second issue of the journal is sent to all paying NOFOD members.

NOFOD Conference Proceedings

Dance ACTions – Traditions and Transformations
Proceedings, 11th International NOFOD Conference & 36th Annual International Conference of the SDHS (Society of Dance History Scholars) in Trondheim, Norway, June 8–11, 2013. Society of Dance History Scholars, 2013.
Available online

Ravn, Susanne, ed. Spacing Dance(s) – Dancing Space(s).
Proceedings, 10th NOFOD Conference in Odense, Denmark, January 27–30, 2011. Odense: NOFOD and University of Southern Denmark, 2011.
ISBN 978-87-92646-23-1
Download as pdf: book, cover

Rouhiainen, Leena, ed. Dance – Movement – Mobility.
Proceedings, 9th International NOFOD Conference in Tampere, Finland, October 23–26, 2008. Tampere: University of Tampere, Department of Music Anthropology, 2009.
ISBN 978-951-44-7817-8

Lundborg, Nina, ed. The North in a Global Context.
Proceedings, 8th International NOFOD Conference in Stockholm, Sweden, January 12–15, 2006. NOFOD, 2006.
ISBN 978-91-631-9376-7

Björnsdóttir, Ingibjörk, ed. Dance Heritage: Crossing Academia and Physicality.
Proceedings, 7th NOFOD Conference in Reykjavik, Iceland, April 15–18, 2004. Reykjavik: NOFOD, 2005.
ISBN 9979-70-024-6

Other Nordic Collaborations

Vedel, Karen, and Petri Hoppu, eds. Nordic Dance Spaces. Practicing and Imagining a Region. Surrey: Ashgate Publishing, 2014.
ISBN 978-1-4094-7001-4

Ravn, Susanne, and Leena Rouhiainen, eds. Dance Spaces. Practices of Movement. Odense: University Press of Southern Denmark, 2012.
ISBN 978-87-767-4689-6

Vedel, Karen, ed. Dance and the Formation of Norden. Emergences and Struggles. Trondheim: Tapir Academic Press, 2011.
ISBN 978-82-519-2648-5