Conference postponed to June 2022

Like so many other artistic and academic events, we have to postpone the NOFOD conference to June 2022.

Given the very international response to our call, the great number of enticing proposals for movement formats we received, and not least given the accompanying performance programme that the generous conference funding allowed us to compile… due to all these factors that necessitate a primarily live event and the possibility that people travel internationally, there is very little chance that we would be able to hold the conference in June this year, as planned.

We sincerely hope that you are able to join us in Copenhagen in 2022. We will communicate the specific details in due time.

Dance and Democracy-news

Dear all!

Here are the latest news about the conference Dance and Democracy, June 14-17:

The NOFOD-board apologizes for being delayed, and we now plan to launch the conference webpage 20th of March.

The conference officially opens June 14 at 17.00 with welcoming talks, and an inaugural keynote.

The conference will officially end June 17 at 15.00.

Conference fee early bird payment is delayed:

NOFOD-members, before May 1: 200 € , after May 1: 250 €

Non-members, before May 1      : 250 €, after May 1: 300 €

Bachelor/master students, before May 1: 100 €, after May 1: 125 €

This is the latest situation with the conference and more information will soon come, stay tuned!