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Reykjavik, Iceland, 28 – 31 May 2015.

Expanding Notions;

12th international NOFOD Conference

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The realm of dance practice and research manifests itself in multiple ways. Within dance studies as an interdisciplinary field, the notions of dance, practice and research are constantly challenged – leading to fundamental questions such as: what is practice and what is knowledge? This, in turn, may open up new methodological questions. Possibilities and connections are created between methods in practice and methods in research, in ways that lead us to revisit and revise the concept of method as such, and as a consequence question different approaches to knowledge. This conference addressed the multiple understandings of methodologies in dance practice and research, in order to contest pre-conceived conceptions of methods and revise our understanding of doing and knowing.


  • the expanded notions of dance/practice/research/method
  • changing methods of dance practices
  • pedagogical methods and challenges
  • choreographic methods and practices
  • the practice of research methods
  • methodological questions and challenges in an expanded landscape of dance practice and research
  • the consequences of these changes and challenges in terms of the understanding of knowledge

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NOFOD and SDHS International Joint Conference
Dance ACTions – Traditions and Transformations
Trondheim, 8–11 June 2013


10th International NOFOD Conference
Spacing Dance(s) – Dancing Space(s)
Odense, 27–30 January 2011


9th International NOFOD Conference
Dance – Movement – Mobility
Tampere, 23–26 October 2008


8th International NOFOD Conference
The North in a Global Context
Stockholm, 12–15 January 2006


7th International NOFOD Conference
Dance Heritage: Crossing Academia and Physicality
Reykavik, 15–18 April 2004


6th international NOFOD Conference
Cognitive Aspects of Dance
Trondheim, 10–13 January 2002


5th International NOFOD Conference
Nordic Dance Research Conference
Copenhagen 27–30th of January 2000


4th International NOFOD Conference
Nordic Dance Research Conference
Helsinki 13–16th of November 1997


3th International NOFOD Conference
Tradition och förnyelse
Stockholm, 5–8 January 1995


2th International NOFOD Conference
Dansens dimensioner
Trondheim, 7–10 January 1993


1st International NOFOD Conference
Copenhagen, 19–21 October 1990